Natursti Marathon
"The Marathon of Beauty"
Thursday the 5th of May 2016


The complete Marathon starts at 13.00 hours and the half marathon starts at 13.15 hours in Bryrup, Bryrup Skole.

Natursti Marathon has 20 years anniversary this year - and we are proud to maintain and develop this "Marathon of Beauty" taking place in the middle of Jutland in beautiful surroundings primarily on the old railway trail.

You can participate in the complete Marathon as well as the half Marathon.

This year Natursti Marathon starts and ends in Bryrup - for the first time ever!

We should love to welcome you to this annual and spectacular "Marathon of beauty".

For further information in English or in German regarding participation - please contact:

Anine Dorthea Jakobsen

Cell phone +45 22 72 02 87

(either SMS or call)